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Mushroom Collection

Experience the captivating journey of three medicinal mushrooms as they explore new frontiers in the world of art and design. They adorn themselves with a mesmerizing color palette and unique forms, creating an artistic piece that reflects their grounded origins. 

Indulge in the refreshing diversity of these fungi as they elevate their natural beauty and join them on this ethereal voyage and experience the magic of their evolution, as they bring their artistry to the world of design.




The cultivated form of the soft, white and translucent mushroom grows into almost perfect spheres. With the light filtering out of the open weave of jute, the soft curves create a delicate petal of light on the wall. 


Turkey Tail

A wall-hung ambient light fixture inspired by the heavily hued wild form of the mushroom. With Shibori tie and dye on silk mimicking the concentric pattern of the mushroom, each fixture comes out unique. These frills growing out of the wall mirrors the sprouting mushrooms in nature, jewelled with delicate freckles of light on its surface.



Trumpet Royale

An ambient/ task light inspirited by the growth patterns of the mushroom. Embodying the struggle to make your own space in a heavily populated space. Balanced by its weight, this Ceramic spherical table lamp spreads a warm glow around it with a luminous button anchored on top. 


The Diadem Series

A crowning jewel for your home.

This all-brass light multiplies a minimal LED light into a bright glow emerging out of the lamp creating an elegant abstract pattern of the wall. The glossy finish gives the effect of a mirror and reflects the light into a larger Lumiere, giving it a glittering texture.




Translating Jute into a visual experience with mystifying layer upon layer of curves and bends brimming with frills transforming a flat material into a spatial medium. The edgy angles and soft light enliven the space and furnish it with context as this plump pendant hangs from the ceiling.



A perfectly balanced wall sconce with two lampshades in the shape of Calla lilies on each arms. This light works well in a pair beside a bed or as an individual light to add light, texture and a decorative element to your wall.




When a single tight fabric contours the ribs moving across hemisphere-like spokes in an unobstructive fashion, we are left with sharp and uniform curves along the circumference of our frame. CONTOUR is one such frame that traverses into the physical space by hanging from a ceiling. 

Harmonious Disposition

Through a unique transformation, the spotlight is converted into an extraordinary experience that captures the essence of tranquility and inner peace.

Soft lights, with a subtle glow, are thoughtfully crafted to ease the mind, body, and soul, making them ideal for a low-key party, date night, or tranquil solo experience. Each piece, representing the heart, mind, and soul, embodies the unity and harmony that we aim to extend to our customers.

Indulge in the beauty of these exquisite Lumiere that evoke a sense of calm and rejuvenation. Let them guide you on a journey of detoxification, inside and out, while also providing a gentle and soothing atmosphere.



Mind light, constructed in the form of Flower of Life, represents the ideal composition of our minds. Looking closely at this symmetrical form gives you a clearer picture of the glow within and around it. Step back and let this perfect union guide you through a self-realising journey.




Hearts are fickle beings, but along with the changing emotions, it represents the multitude of types of love that exists in the world. With a spectrum of colours reflected in this light, experience a hope that one day, all our love will be accepted by everyone and the world becomes a kinder place. 

One for all and all for one.



Soul, as old as time, has existed in multiple shapes and forms while witnessing many lives pass by. This light is spread across large canvasses, representing the multi-dimensionality of the soul. In meditation, a suspension of thought leads you to clarity; the same way this light shows its magic best when lit in the dark.

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