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  • Soul, as old as time, has existed in multiple shapes and forms while witnessing many lives pass by. This light is spread across large canvasses, representing the multi-dimensionality of the soul. In meditation, a suspension of thought leads you to clarity; the same way this light shows its magic best when lit in the dark.


    Material :     Stainless Steel

    Size :             3.25" x 2.5" x 10.5"

    Weight:       5 Kg

    Finish:          Glossy



    1 Type Diode Bulb Lamp Bead

    3W DOB LED, Warm White

    Voltage 220V - 240V


    Lead Time:  3 weeks


    Finished and assembled by hand


    SKU: 5
    • - Dust off lightly with a soft cloth to clean the product or use a vacuum

      - Do not wash it

      - Do not touch the product without wearing gloves

      - Keep the products away from moisture

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